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5 apps that will enhance your Insta stories

If you’re looking for more creative and visually-grabbing Instagram stories I’d love to help. There are new apps being created almost on a daily, which shows their importance in boosting your following and engaging with your audience. I like to stick to 5 apps that I have been using for over a year now. They have brought a lot of value to my business and hope they will do the same for you!

1. Unfold

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I use this app ALL THE TIME! Unfold offers over 100 story templates with a variety of different collections, stickers, and designs to choose from. There are three versions of the app available:

  • FREE with a limited number of templates


  • UNFOLD PLUS $2.99/month with over 150 templates

I'm a fan because, in my opinion, it differentiates my stories a bit more, allows for creativity with the images I share to tell a story, has a modern and clean look, and what looks like a lot of work it really looks a sec to craft. My favorite template collection is the FF1 and FF2 collection!


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If you are a social media user I’m sure you’re familiar with the word VSCO by now. I guess you can say I'm a VSCO girl, without the scrunchy and other basic white girl essentials. I feel like I can't live without this app because I use it almost every day! It offers basic and membership options that unlock 200+ available presets.

  • BASIC with 10 presets

  • ANNUAL $19.99

  • MONTHLY $4.99

3. WordSwag

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You can never have too many pretty fonts. WordSwag is completely FREE and can turn your story to look profesh and slick. They offer free stock photos or backgrounds, inspiring quotes you can generate with one click, and of course cool fonts! For any promotional stories, I always turn to this app for ideas to make the message look as clean as possible. This is a game-changer!


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*Not available for Android

If you’re really feeling creative in your stories as well as posts, SCRL uses the multi-photo feature which allows you to paste all the photos you need, have them lay over one another AND split them into multiple frames. I’m sure you’ve seen them all over Instagram lately, this is one way of doing in if you're not confident messing around in Photoshop. SCRL offers templates for purchase but in my opinion, the FREE version is plenty.

5. Canva

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If you are a busy business bee and do a lot of batch working or prep working this is the app for you. I found myself using it the most online ( because it cuts my work time of designing a story, a poster, or whatever you’d wish in half! They offer thousands of templates with all the sizes and resolutions you can think of. Canva offers three types of membership:

  • FREE

  • PRO $9.95/user/month, billed yearly

  • ENTERPRISE $30/user/month, billed yearly

The perk of the paid memberships is that if you have an established brand you will be able to upload your logos, brand colors, fonts, and so on to be saved and used over and over again in seconds.